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Baby on a warm wooden floor

Warm Floors

Nothing beats radiant floor heating for comfort. No annoying vents or hot blasts of air—just comfortable, even warmth. A warm floor emits heat energy into all the objects of the room, but leaves the air cooler and more comfortable.

Heated driveway running

Snow Melting Systems

Tired of shovelling snow from your driveway each winter? A heated driveway in the heart of winter is not only safe and convenient, but adds beauty to home and businesses alike. Concerns about injury to people slipping on icy surfaces are eliminated. Snow removal in mountain areas, which can be a huge problem when snow accumulates, is no longer an issue.

Installation of a radiant heated basement

Radiant Ready Basements

Not ready for a radiant heating system in your home now, but would love to have it in the future? Installing hydronic heating piping in your basement gives you that option. Laying this pipe before the basement floor concrete is poured makes your home ready for the ultimate upgrade.

Baseboard radiant heating.


Baseboard heating has been an excellent and common type of heating over the years. Hot water is sent to radiators or baseboard units along the walls of a home or business. These use convection to heat the air and are controlled by a thermostat, providing a comfortable environment. Baseboard can be a simple solution in retrofit applications.

Hydronic Pump


Hearing that your boiler needs replacing is never happy news. Sometimes it’s hard to know whose opinion to trust about whether it’s really time for a new boiler. Many boilers are replaced before it’s needed, either because of inexperience or haste. Boilers should last 20-30 years—commercial boilers longer with proper maintenance. Radiant Heating Company pledges to give you accurate, honest information about whether it’s smart to replace or repair your boiler. When the time comes for a new boiler, we’ll help you understand the choices you have available and then do the replacement quickly and with the least amount of fuss for you possible.

University of Utah Huntsman Center snow melt

Commercial Projects

Airport hangars, factories, and shops are ideal applications for radiant heating. Radiant floor heating is the most efficient way to heat these types of buildings, avoiding the heat loss concerns these large, open areas create. We’d be happy to sit down with your engineers and architects to create an ideal heating and snowmelting system.


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